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My Curriculum Vitae:

After studying at the Kaiserslautern University and Oldenburg University I am now an certificated - engineer for environmental planning (as well as for town and country planning and many more - also the planning of Homepages is now a part of my abilities). I am responsible for the contact to newspapers for the Schuetzenbund Wesermarsch, the head organisation of 19 sport-shooting associations in my home district Wesermarsch, for the head organisation Oldenburger Schützenbund (home of 184 sport-shooting clubs) and also for one of the member associations, the Sportschuetzen Nordenham. (the town of Nordenham is by the way a twin town of the English town of PETERLEE.).
For an overview of my works just have a look at my project-page.

My hobbies are genuine filmmusic (especially of German composer Martin Böttcher - since November 2000 I am the webmaster of the official homepage of the composer) and Peter Thomas ) (Raumpatrouille (Space Patrol), Durbridge-TV-movies + Edgar Wallace and many more), homecooking, 3D-fotography and science-fiction.
During my studies at the Kaiserslautern University I was was running the student's film club "AStA-Film" and the student's foto-lab. And I was a member of the student's parliament for some time. Driving licenses for classes I - III (with thanks to the German Bundeswehr). Married (Hi, Christiane), no children.

Me in person

Vincent van Gogh would
have had his pleasure
with THIS foto
(© 2000 W.W.).

Where are the Wittkowskys from? Where are the Wittkowsky's from - Genealogic information

So you can get into contact with me:

Dipl.-Ing. Wilfried Wittkowsky

Snail Mail:

Dipl.-Ing. Wilfried Wittkowsky
Mittelweg 26
26954 Nordenham


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ProjekteFamilieFilmmusikKochrezepteSuchmaschinenStartseite MYHOME in English

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