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Where are the Wittkowskys from

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Who thinks the name "Wittkowsky" is a rare one, is wrong. The current phone-number CDROM of Germany alone is listing dozens of numbers for this name. And there are variations of the spelling of my familiy-name as well:
well, there are even "Wittkoffsky" and "Witkovski".

When my father was born, HIS father was written "Witkowsky". The clerk at the municipal office made a "Wittkowsky" of it - and that's it what I'm still be written today. That's the easy way to change a name. And now try to find anything about your origin, when your name changes every now and then.

Perhaps someone in the whole wide world of internet can help me to find more information where my family comes from.

So, my father's name was:

    Harry Herbert Erich Wittkowsky,
    born: Jan. 8th,1912 at Berlin.

Yes, indeed, that is the year the "Titanic" sank.
The family lived at that time at Weißensee, Heinersdorfer Straße 42.
(That for some time was a district of East-Berlin. Thank God the German capital today is united.)

That's a real pity. As you may know, Berlin suffered a lot during WWII. Many documents are lost today. And it got worse.
My grandfather also was born at Berlin:

    Fedor Albert Paul Witkowsky
    born: March 25th,1855 at Berlin

My grandfather was a very interesting person. He was a vaudeville artist and acted as a ventriloquist. On his journeys throughout Europe he appeared with the name "HENRY ROX"
As an artist he needed a travel permission of the authorities, which I today still have. And there his name is written "Wittkowski". His nationality at that time was the Kingdom of Prussia. My grandfather was married to

    Anna Auguste Albertine Prescher
    born: Sept. 21st,1889 at Landsberg (Warthe)
    (that today is called Gorzôw Wielkopolski).

You may have noticed the difference of age of my ancestors (well, that are 34 years, indeed). Don't wonder. My grandmother was the very attractive assistant to my grandfather on the stage. At that time it wasn't very decent for an elderly man to travel unmarried with a young woman. So my grandfather simply married my grandmother (and even got three children in the coming years - among them my father, who, by the way, this year 2012 would have had his 100th birthday.).

Henry Rox, ventriloquist
Henry Rox (Fedor Witkowsky)
with his puppet "Max"

Meantime I got more news. My great-grandfather's name was:

    August Friedrich Traugott Witkowsky
    he was born in 1808, place unknown.

He was a taylor and married to

    Johanne Christiane Dähne
    Date and place of birth unknown.

My great-great-grandfather's name was:

    Andreas Witkowsky
    Date and place of birth unknown

He also was a taylor living at a village called MEDZIBOR. Some time later this village was named NEUMITTELWALDE situated at district Groß Wartenberg, Niederschlesien (Lower Silesia). Today this village is called Miedzybórz, pow. Syców (that is in Poland).

 Galizian coat of arms- Krakau The name "Witkowski" is a very old one. In old heraldic books it was stated with the nobility of Galizia, Lodomeria, Bukowina and Prussia. There seems to be an evangelical and a catholic section of the family tree, when rating the different coat of arms.

Galizian coat of arms- Leczyca The "Witkowski"-family first appeared about 1550 at the Wojewodschaft Krakau. A "Thomas Witkowski" was registered 1788 to the books (Matrikel) of the Galizian nobility. Another branch was mentioned first in 1660 at the Wojewodschaft Leczyca. There a "Laurenz Witkowski" was registered 1782 to the books of the Galizian nobility. Also a branch of the coat of arms of "Nowina" is mentioned - living at the district of "Posen" and was said to be wealthy.

If anyone knows more about the orign of my familiy name, please write to:

Wilfried Wittkowsky
Mittelweg 26
26954 Nordenham
Here you can download my GED-File for genealogical programmes:
witkowsk.ged (4,47KB)

Heidi Müller with Präsident Kennedy Oh yes, here is yet another story of one of my family members:

My cousin Heidi Müller won in 1963, together with two other pupils, an essay competition of her school in Berlin. The first price was to trip to America and a visit with President John F. Kennedy.

This visit took place on November 20th, 1963.
Two days later President Kennedy went on his campaign-tour to Dallas and there was murdered.
Therefore my cousin was the last foreign female visitor of President Kennedy.

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